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Extended Warranty FAQs

 Extended Warranty FAQs

Can the extended warranty be purchased after the product has already been received?

No the warranty must be purchased with the product at the time of purchase

What does the warranty cover?

Warranty covers hardware failure of your product. It does not cover standard wear and tear, physical damage or software related issues

What happens if my product is not repairable or replaceable?

If your item is not repairable/replaceable NMicroVIP will refund your order (minus the extended warranty cost)

Who pays for shipping for warranty service?

NMicroVIP is responsible for the shipping of items coming in for warranty service

What kind of shipping is used for warranty service exchange?

Standard shipping is used when shipping out replacement/repaired units for warranty service.

Can warranties be transferred to other products?

Unfortunately no your warranty cannot be transferred to a different product after it is purchased. Warranties are only transferrable to replacement units.

What happens to the warranty for replacement units?

Any repaired or replaced product will assume the remaining warranty coverage or will be covered for 30 days from the date of repair or exchange, whichever is longer.