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Good screen clarity!                                                                              July 29th 2015


It is a really good tablet for the money.The camera takes good pictures and is easy to use.I do notice that there are a few lag times
when playing games. The plug in for the charger seems quite tight(my former tablet was still working fine except it wouldn't take a charge anymore


 Good for gaming.                                                                                  July 17th 2015
 've bought it 6 months ago and I have been pleased ever since. At first I was a little nervous about buying a refurbished laptop with that price tag. But I was WRONG !!!! Was a good bang for my bucks. As for now, I play The Witcher III without any hicups (at medium settings).

A very good laptop for the price, I recommend it


 Product like new                                                                                   June 26th 2015
The monitor I received seemed brand new other than the official Asus seal broken on the box. No dead pixels, all the plastic and stickers were still on the monitor. Took about a week to arrive using Canada post expedited shipped to Vancouver. Good price, good product.

Mbp supports 2k res using hdmi.


 One pixel short of perfection                                                                              June 8th 2015

 I know its refurb, but for 100$ it's still a bargain. Box didn't look new, but everything inside did. Only one pixel is not perfect: shows red over black, but can't notice when it's on white. And it's in the bottom corner right, an area I don't look often, unless it's to go get a pop-up context menu from a tool down there. When playing games 1080p it doesn't make any difference.


 Quality Display                                                                                        May 8th 2015


Been using it for a week so far with no problems. Very crisp display, nice and bright with good contrast. Has amazing colours, helps a lot when doing digital painting in Photoshop

Awesome powerful machine                                                                  May 8th 2015


I play online games such as WOW and SC2. And I am able to get the graphics settings to ultra, even though I haven't tested it in extreme yet. I don't think it's a problem. Consider the price vs regular at staples, this is awesome. Have it for 3 weeks now and so far nothing bad happen yet (as review about motherboard on staples website).

Huge step up from Bell Connection Hub                                                May5th2015


Was having problems getting signal throughout the house with Bell's Sagemcom 2864. And heavy traffic would cause some devices to lose connection to the WiFi. So after reading reviews of ASUS in general, and the AC68U specifically, I decided it was worth a try. I couldn't be happier. Coverage throughout house is now excellent (tested with WiFi Analyzer from google app store). Also, no further issues with devices losing connection, even while streaming and downloading at same time.

Since there are questions all over digital fourms about whether you can put Bell Connection Hub (BCH) into passthrough mode so your new router can dial the PPPoE connection, I can tell you YES. You have to call Bell and even if they say they can't (they did at first), if you insist to have your router dial the PPPoE, they will allow it. They will send a factory reset to your Bell Hub and you can input the UN/PW combination for the PPPoE in your router. This gives control of your home network back to you. You will not be able to get network support from Bell afterwards, other than them saying they can see your modem on the network. But if you're comfortable with network setup, it's worth it.

Awesome Laptop                                                                                     April 23rd2015


I received this laptop a week ago. It’s really like a brand new computer, not a mark on it, works perfectly. My only regret is that I hesitated to buy it b/c it was refurbished.

I did a lot of looking and shopping for my new laptop, and I kept finding myself coming back here b/c this was the best deal around.

I would definitely buy again.

Works as well as I hoped                                                              March 23rd 2015


I am very happy with the product. Everything works perfectly. It was unblemished aside from some finger marks on the screen. Very fast and wonderful screen. It was already updated to the latest version of android.


So far so good.                                                                                            2nd February, 2015

Was skeptical at first but turned out to be a great buy. The extra money I paid for the extended warranty was probably not even needed. It was a great deal in my honest opinion.


I will buy again                                                                            2th February, 2015

 Not the latest version of Kingston SSD Now but they work great! Perfect upgrade over HDD performance. Really a great deal when on sale. If you aren't looking for massive storage space, this SSD offers the best price per gb. Too bad they are limited to 2 per purchase.


Awesome Deal                                                                                             27th January, 2015

Just awesome. Professional team when I called in to check my orders. I ordered mine on Friday and even though there was weekend in between; my monitor was delivered on Monday. It's for my son who is a gamer.

Box was damaged when delivered; but device was safe inside. Very minor scratch on the bezel and stand. But screen was clean. My son tested 1080 resolution with his gaming PC. He also tested 3D features with the provided glasses and worked fine.

He also connected his PS3 and tested 3D gaming; screen rate and freq is good on both 1080 and 720.

Finally, I'd say no complains and great buy.


Just Amazing                                                                                                27th January, 2015

Well, I'd like to start with the price as being half of the original and then with delivery and shipping. I ordered mine on Friday and even though weekend was in between; the device was delivered to me on Monday with Xpress post.

I did find that screws were touched underneath as somebody opened it laptop but you cannot distinguish with normal eye. Laptop wasn't missing anything; packing was good. Little wear & tear on the box but device itself was in good condition. Screen size is fantastic and weight is so comfortable but still acceptable.

Speed, resolution, internet access, wi-fi signal, sound and then on top of that little sub is good. I just love it and good deal for the money I'd say. Team is awesome!


Great Monitor                                                                                25 November, 2014

Although this is a refurbished product and I was a bit worried at first, the monitor turns out a very good purchase.

 What I like about the monitor:

1. Good colour and viewing angle!

2. Adjustable height and tilt! Now I can view the monitor without neck pain.

3. Great price

4. USB ports x4

 There are two minor issues but not a big deal:

1. The human sensor (turn off the screen when no person presence) is a bit annoying so I turn it off.

2. I wish there is cable management at the back of the stand.


Overall, I highly recommend this screen!


Awesome                                                                                25 November,2014

I’m surprised by this product, it’s like a brand-new machine!!! Fast shipping. Will buy again from here


 Fantastic laptop and service                                                       25 November, 2014

 Was a bit hesitant to drop the money on a refurbished laptop, but gave it a shot anyway and ended up very impressed. The laptop I received was in perfect condition. There was a small issue with the external speaker but the service staff was quick to resolve it for me and were very accommodating.

 Great laptop for the money, especially with an SSD install. Will be keeping an eye on this site for desktop deals in the future!


Great                                                                                       25 November, 2014

The tablet look brand new. The service was great and fast. I ordered it on Friday and I got it on Monday.

The tablet works very well, and I’m pleased with everything, especially the price.


 Really happy with transaction                                                     25 November, 2014

I looked around at a number of sites and systems and this one had great value. It shipped very quickly and was exactly as described. I'll shop here first for my next pc purchase.


Really happy with transaction                                                                28 October, 2014

I looked around at a number of sites and systems and this one had great value. It shipped very quickly and was exactly as described. I'll shop here first for my next pc purchase. 


Love the N7, NMicro's service was above and beyond                        20 October, 2014

Bought one of these a little over a week ago, went and picked it up at Northern Micro, took it home, set it up and...Poof. It just died. No amount of charging and power-button pressing did anything. I wasn't too disheartened, I've had new-in-box items turn up DOA more than once before. Took it back a few days later, had a replacement in hand in minutes thanks to friendly, efficient staff; the woman taking care of me even went back to the warehouse to grab it herself rather than wait for it to get picked. Thanks so much!

The replacement works perfectly, snappy and responsive with a gorgeous display and excellent battery life. No signs of previous use on the tablet itself, and it was already running Android 4.4.4 out of the box.



































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